Quemistry Set Contents

Quemistry Sets

Quemistry Sets are self-care packages designed especially for masculine queer women. Our culture often makes it difficult for those with a menstrual cycle to find time to honor this sacred time. Even more annoying is the overuse (abuse?) of flowers and all things pink and purple.

In response to this Quemistry Sets were created. Each repurposed cigar box comes filled with an assortment of different goods all geared towards self-love.


Quemistry Set box:

The contents of each Quemistry Set comes packaged in a salvaged cigar box. The bottom of the box is covered with Ankara (African wax print) fabric. Special care is taken to remove the strong cigar odor from the boxes.

Good Quemistry Thank account notebook:

You're strongly encouraged to use your little notebook to write down everything you're grateful for every night.

Le pen:

Use to write in your thank account notebook.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea:

This is a holistic remedy for cramps. Follow instructions on package.

Shower/Bath Fizz:

Toss in the shower for a quick blast of Lemongrass & Eucalyptus.

Roses & Rose Quartz Spritz:

Use to refresh your bedding by spraying down your sheets. Because the rose water contains dried rose petals and does not contain any preservatives special care should be used to keep the spritz in a cool environment and out of direct sunlight. Should keep approximately 30 days.

Sea Salt:

A salt water cleanse is great to do prior to your 1-2 days before your menstrual cycle (or if just you feel bloated). It's important to complete the cleanse on an empty stomach-- ideally early in the morning and when you have at least 1-2 hours before having to leave your home *wink*. To prepare the salt water mixture empty the entire contents of the sea salt package into 1 cup of warm water and stir until completely dissolved. Next, add 3-4 cups of room temperature water to the mixture and stir. Drink the salt water as quickly as possible (ideally within 5 minutes). Lay on your left side afterwards and relax. For roughly an hour you'll have to go to the bathroom repeatedly to empty your bowels. After the flush is complete you should take care to rehydrate your body with water and eat light foods like fruit, salad, and lightly cooked vegetables.

Ceramic Resin Burner:

Set upright. Here's a picture of one if you'd like to see what it should look like. Also, if you've never used a resin burner before please watch this video for a few pointers.

Good Quemistry Matches:

Use to light charcoal.


After sparking the charcoal on one side, place inside of resin burner on top of the screen.


Place 1-2 small pieces of resin on top of charcoal. Use more or less depending on how much scent and smoke you like.

Mini Sage Bundle:

Sage has been used all over the world for to cleanse people, places, and things (literally). Burning sage and using it to do so is called smudging. The mini sage bundle can be lit with one of your Good Quemistry matches and should be gently put out in an ash tray once you're done.

Vegan brownies:

Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, AND they taste good. Perfect when you need a little chocolate.

Peppermint Toothpaste:

Great for brushing your teeth (and to dab on pimples ;).